Weekend Hiking at Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters cliff is about 20KM along the coast, with stunning view, very nice hiking route.

There are 3 suggested routes from Seven Sisters Car Park BN25 4AD, I followed the Beach trail to Cuckmere Haven, then the South Downs Way to Belle Tout lighthouse.

route from Seven Sisters Car Park

Walk toward Cuckmere Haven, you will see the white cliff which is used to be desktop picture of Windows 7. Nice view from bottom of the cliff.

White Cliff at Cuckmere Haven

Very nice view along the river

Along the river to Cuckmere Haven
alone the river to Cuckmere Haven

There are rock pool when tide is low, you can find many rock pool creatures there.

Rock pool at Cuckmere Haven

From the top of the cliff, you could see offshore windmill far away, ships and etc. It’s sunset, the view like a miracle。

Seven Sisters Sunset
Seven Sisters Sunset
Seven Sisters Pink CLiff

There are always beautiful view and photos during the hiking.

There are 3 other hiking start point
1. From Birling Gap BN20 0AB, about 15 mins walk to Belle Tout.

Birling Gap

2. From Belle Tout BN20 0AE, you can take nice picture with Belle Tout Lighthouse.

Belle Tout Lighthouse

3. From Beachy Head Main Car Park BN20 7YA, best location to watch the lighthouse, easy to access the beach.

Beachy Head Lighthouse

Notice: Some car parks will close at night, so be ware of your time.