Hidden pearl – New Forest Hatchet Pond

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Hatchet Pond is the largest pond in the New Forest. Walking around Hatchet Pond is about 2 miles. Along the trail, you may see many local horses, cows, donkeys, etc. These animals are very docile. Actually in the parking , we meet some ponies and donkeys getting close to people. Children likes to play with them. Gently touch them, you can fee the soft of their hair and fur.

There are benches in the along the lake, ofc you will see many seagulls, wild ducks and swans. There are large tracts of water lilies in the pond, blooming very beautifully. Rest in the woods and grasslands by the lake, relax your body and soul.

Horses around the Hatchet Pond

If you want go further, there are more than 40 high quality hiking trails in New Forest, why not get out of your house and hug the nature on weekend?