Itinerary – 4 Days and 3 Nights Trip to South Devon

“With 3 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a World Heritage Coast, a National Park, over 125 miles of stunning coastline, acres of unspoilt countryside, two vibrant cities and an amazing mixture of coastal and rural towns and villages, South Devon encompasses the very best the country has to offer.”   

From Visit South Devon

I have been yearning for a long time, and finally in the middle of August, i had an amazing journey to South Devon with my family and friends. There are 4 days and 3 nights’ trip, and we still missed many places worth visiting.  But it doesn’t matter, we have a wonderful time. And I believe that i will come back someday.

Plymouth, South Devon – Aug 2020

Day 1 – Castle Neroche & Wembury Beach

Castle Neroche

It’s a relatively long drive cos I started my journey from Reading.  I decided to find a good place to rest in the middle of the trip. The first stop is Castle Neroche in Blackdown Hills AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty). It is said to have the Castle of the Iron Age, but now there is only a dirt mountain, which is a bit disappointing. The forest is quiet and nice for walking. I am happy to have a ten minutes walk and had a picnic then hurry back to the road.

Blackdown-Hills-AONB on road

I booked Todor House in the center of plymouth which is 3rd ranking B&B by Trip Advisor . The building has a history of more than 200 years. The location is excellent, very close to the town center and only 5 mins to the beach. The only thing i don’t like is parking. Quite difficult to find a parking spaces on the roadside especially when we come back later.

Wembury Beach

We arrived at about 16:00 PM, after check in and a short rest, we set off to Wembury Beach which is in 10 best rockpooling spots in South Devon.
Wembury beach is one of the best rockpooling and crabbing beaches in South Devon. Check the tide calendar, we found that the lowest tide is at 19:00. That’s true, we did found a lot of marine life in the many rock pools, and we also caught a lot of small crabs.  Kids were very excited to see so many interesting sea creatures. They took the rock pool creature guide and check which creatures we found on the list, The sunset on the beach is very beautiful, we didn’t leave until the it turned dark.

Sunset at Wembury Beach
Rock pool – Wembury Beach
Rock pool – Wembury Beach
Rock pool – Wembury Beach

Day 2: Plymouth Town , Kingsand & Bantham Beach

Plymouth Town

Early in the morning, we went to Hoe Park to see the well-known lighthouse, and of couse took many photos with it. Then we followed the path alone the beach to the harbor. That is a very prosperous place, with crowed people (with masks lol), and a lot of yachts and boats.  Some bars and restaurants are located on the middle of the hill over the beach, with very good sights and sea views.

Smeaton’s Tower – Plymouth
Plymouth Harbor
Sea side view pubs – Plymouth
Plymouth Harbor


We took the ferry – Plymouth Princess to the small town of Kingsand.
Kingsand (actually in Cornwall) is old town with many characteristic small houses, and we saw many people play water sports on cove and the beach. The ferry runs every one and half hours. On the ferry we saw not only the fishing boats, but also the warships and the breakwater lighthouse on the way.We had fish and chip from a small shop in the Kingsand, It was not ordinary fried fish but scallop balls which tasted surprisingly good.

Plymouth Princess Ferry
Kingsand, Conwall
Kingsand, Cornwall

Bantham Beach

In the afternoon, we rushed to Bantham Beach, which is a famous blue flag beach, ranked 1st place on the official website. It was a bit dark when we arrived, just the lowest tide timing. We found some jellyfish on the beach and in the rock pools, which is non-poisonous moon jellyfish. We also found a lot of other sea creatures like small fish, starfish and crabs, red and green anemones, etc.  I even placed a crab trap from a rock and pulled it up after twenty minutes. Incredible, there were 3 really big crabs in the trap. We let go all the creatures before we left, they belong to the sea.

Bantham Beach Rock Pool

We took a walk to the seaside at night. The Smeaton’s Tower is really beautiful at night with it’s light on. It’s a good place for people relaxing, and for kids roller skating and skateboarding. 

Smeaton’s Tower Night View – Plymouth

Day 3: Babbacombe Model Village & Ness Beach

My kids like the habor very much. So we took another walk in the morning and booked the Fish “N” Trips for the next day. 

Follow the itinerary we drove all the way to the Babbacombe Model Village in Torquay. The models in this world-known model village is in very detail, and various scenes including nearby attractions are replicated in vivid life. Marvel’s characters are the most favorite for the kids, and for me,  i like the battle scene of the games of the throne most.


In the itinerary we should visit Kents Cavern Prehistoric Caves afterwords, but we were so concentrate on the models that we forgot the time. When I arrived the cavern, it alreay 4pm and tourists were not allowed to enter. We had to leave with regret.

Fortunately the Ness Beach won’t close. We could only reach the beach through the smuggler tunnel built hundreds of years ago. I am sure it is a quite unique beach, definitly worth a looking.

Ness Beach – South Devon
Ness Beach – South Devon

Day 4: Fish “N” Trips & Dartmoor

Fish “N” Trips

Everyone was very excited, can’t wait to start our fishing trip. The fishing trip took 3.5 hours from 9:15 in the morning, a handsome young captain drove the boat to some of the fishing locations, miles away from harbor, . We expected is to catch 10 fish but we achieved 500% of our target. We had a close look at the warship and the breakwater lighthouse during the trip. I never know that fishing in the sea was so easy and joyful, maybe it’s the location, captain took us to the fish school. My son told me that his favorite sport is now fishing.  Look, i know why. He got 3 mackerel in one shot in the first 5 minutes. Most of the fish are mackerel, occasionally pollock and cod. 

We kept captain busy removing fish from the hook, and when he occasionally had free time, he also helped to clean the fish and put them in the ice box. Finally, we counted the harvest. There were more than 50 fish in total, which greatly exceeded our expectations and surprised us.

We only took some big fish with us, but what was even more surprised us when we step on the ground?  There is the Bathhouse restaurant just 10 meters away. We are told that the chef can made some dishes with the fish we caught for free!  It was amazing, delicious and fresh dishes i have ever had, and more importantly, a full sense of accomplishment.

Dartmoor National Park

Time to return, but the famous Dartmoor National Park is nearby, so we decided to have a visit before we leave. We googled Dartmoor’s NO. 1 ranking hiking route, of which the start point is the Fingle Bridge Inn, along Hunter’s path, turning to Fisherman’s path at halfway. We took about 2 hours for the hiking and had a great view at Hunter’s Tor viewpoint. It was really stunning beautiful scenery, i felt myself turning sunny! We shall have a go only for Dartmoor sometime.

View from Hunter’s Tor – Dartmoor

Can’t believe that the 4-day holiday ended so soon, surly we returned home with great joy.