Watching deer in Richmond Park

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When you looking at this photo of the beautiful elk, do you think it was taken in a safari park or in Africa?

No, In fact, it was just in the Great London, one of the famous royal park – Richmond Park. This is one of the most popular “walking” park in London. And in Richmond Park, there are about 600 elves liked deer living in the park.

Deer in Richmond Park

Richmond Park (Richmond Park) is approximately 3 square miles in London. It is the largest royal garden in London, most of the deer are elk and stag deer.

The Richmond District, is located in southwest London (one of London’s famous wealthy districts). It is a beautiful place, decorated with River Thames, Victorian architecture, good restaurants and bars, which makes Richmond a premier leisure destination in the London and is hailed as one of the most desirable living areas in the UK.

The history of the park is very interesting. In 1625, to avoid the plague, King Charles I moved his palace to Richmond Palace, and captive many elk and stag deer. However, at that time, his decision wasn’t get support of local residents. People complained about the inconvenience of transportation caused by the enclosure. After several consultations, King Charles I decided to give pedestrians the right to pass in the Park. The land became the later Richmond Park.

Richmond Park has changed little over the centuries. Although it is surrounded by people’s construction, wild landscapes such as woodlands, grasslands, and deer are everywhere.

Driving into the park from the north gate, it is the endless grassland at a glance. Especially in the dry summer season, the grass field will be golden yellow. With some trees which is not very large but have thick branches under the blue sky, this vast landscape is just like an oil painting.

You will see groups of deer with different sizes eating and resting leisurely. If you passes by, the adult male deer in the herd may look up at the you passing, then they will bow their heads and continue to eat grass if they feel that there is no danger,.

  • Note:
  • To keep a distance of at least 25 meters from the deer, this is a park regulation.
  • When taking pictures, slowly approach the deer and keep a safe distance from it so that the deer will not be frightened and run away.
  • You are not allowed to feed deer, which is also the park’s regulation.

Getting there

The park is very large, with 10 gates, there is currently no vehicular access.
However, a fifteen minute walk away from Richmond station will lead you there;
To avoid getting lost, you are recommended to use a map or app to help you finding the park and among other attractions.