Watching Deer in Bushy Park

There are 11 “The Royal Parks” in the UK, and 8 of them located in London.
Today we are talking about deer watching, see 10 best locations to see deer in British.
Two of the royal parks are recommended to be the best place to watch deer. They are Bushy Park and Richmond Park , they are so great that you can “hunt for deer”.
After you parked your car, cross the gate and go directly toward Diana fountain, you may already found many deer at the side of the footpath. They are red deer, siko deer, fallow deer and roe deer if you are lucky. (I even saw a fox)

Diana Fountain in Bushy Park

Unlike other parks with obvious gates,The mud and gravel at the foot is not a purposely paved road, but a footpath formed by many people, like walking into a forest and walking into Bushy Park.

You shall looking carefully for deer as they are hiding in the forest and grass with “protective color”. However, the whole forest belongs to them! We are just tourists, shall follow the rules and not disturb them.

You could stay in the forest for all day, like quietly tracking a deer, watching it eating grass and drinking , playing in the water…
But be careful when you approach a deer, they are shy and could be scared.  

 With beautiful views around, the relaxed atmosphere, and the swans that accompany you………Have a peace in your heart!

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