11 Most Popular Theme Parks In British – Family Fun

Do you want to go to a theme park,  experience screaming roller coasters, pirate ships, haunted house, carousels, water rafting, coffee cups and bumper cars, or a small adventures with wild animals, meet with Peppa pig or Harry Potter….  ? Go screaming and release pressure, look for your childhood memories. 

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The 11 Most Popular Theme Parks In The UK

Legoland Windsor Resort

Legoland Windsor Resort, the second Legoland theme park in the world, is right next to Windsor Castle which Lego fans must not miss it.

Legoland is definitely a paradise for both adults and children. For example, Miniland has scaled down most of the famous landscapes in Europe and US in proportion, using a total of about 40 million Lego bricks. In addition to the Lego model, there are some large amusement facilities in the theme park, which are located in the areas of Knights Castle, Star Wars, Lego friends, etc. Legoland also havs scheduled shows, 4D cinemas, etc., which makes a family park full of imagination and creativity. . Events also great, like they make the wonderful fireworks looks like bricks with a simple paper 3D glasses.

Rides & Attractions in Legoland Windsor

Address:Winkfield Road, Windsor SL4 4AY

Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor is located near the Alton Towers, close to Birmingham. Three area: theme park, zoo and rest village. In the theme park, there are 54-meter-high jump machines, big pendulums, etc.; there are also carousels suitable for children, bumper cars, rotating cups, etc.; there are roller coasters standing to play!

The biggest feature is the Thomas train theme park, which is especially suitable for children and Thomas obsessive fans. . There is also a zoo with more than 100 kinds of animals, a dinosaur park, and a golf course, which is a good place for family fun! Friends who are far away can book a special hotel in the rest village. The rooms are different in the theme of small trains.

Drayton Manor Theme Park – Home of Thomas Land
Drayton Manor Attractions
Drayton Manor Map

Address:Drayton Manor Drive, Tamworth, StaffordshireB78 3TW

Paultons Park

Did you know that Peppa Pig is an English pig?

Paultons Park is located in the south of England. It is the only theme park in the United Kingdom that features the World of Peppa Pig. It is one of the best theme parks for children and families. There are two large areas in the park, one is Lost Kingdom that reshapes the scene of the dinosaur era, there is a prehistoric style roller coaster and a dynamic one-to-one dinosaur model can be seen everywhere; the other theme park is the pink piggy Peppa Pig. You may meet Peppa intimately interacting with you. It is a awsome world where children can fully expand their imagination, very suitable for family weekends!

Paultons Park – Home of Peppa Pig world
Attractions in Peppa Pig World
Paultons Park Map

Address:Ower, Romsey, The New Forest, Hampshire SO51 6AL

Alton Towers

Alton Towers located in the north-central part of England, is the largest theme park in the UK and in the top ten theme parks in the world. It originally private owned, and was transformed into a theme park at the end of the 20th century, with more than 40 rides.

Alton Towers focuses on thrilling rides, including 10 roller coaster projects like wooden roller coasters, vertical free-fall coasters, the first European inverted roller coaster, and the world’s first diving roller coaster etc. Except the thrilling roller coasters, there are more to challenge pirate ships, plane jumpers, etc., go and find your limits.

Alton Towers
Alton Towers Attractions
Alton Towers Map

Address:Alton, Staffordshire ST10 4DB

Thorpe Park

Another theme park located southwest of London. Thrope Park has “Colossus” which keeps flipping and flipping, “Stealth” can reach 80mph in two seconds, and “Slammer” landing vertically, challenging your limits again and again, perfect for adventurers! In 2013, the world’s most terrifying roller coaster- “The Swarm” was launched, passengers will fall thrillingly from a height of 38.7 meters, undergo five major reversals, the maximum speed is 92km/h, and there is no handrail for you to support throughout the trip! In 2016 a new virtual ghost train has been launched. Entering a dilapidated train with Virtual Reality glasses, you are entering a variety of horror movies. Don’t miss the courageous my friends!

Thrope Park
Thrope Park Attractions
Thrope Park Map

Address:Staines Road, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8PN

Chessington World of Adventure Resort

Chessington World of Adventure Resort is at the south of London. This is a relax park rather thrilling, like an adventure park. Except normal theme park facilities, there are also wildlife viewing and aquariums. The new camp Glamping, which is very suitable for parents and children to enjoy the happy time.

Chessington World of Adventure Resort
Chessington World attractions
Chessington World Map

Address:Leatherhead Road, Chessington, Surrey KT9 2NE

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Blackpool Pleasure Beach Theme Park) is a theme park next to the beach in Blackpool, a coastal city in northwest England.

The big selling points of the theme park is the Pepsi Max, the longest and highest roller coaster in Europe, sponsored by Pepsi Co. In addition, the newly built ICON dual launch roller coaster in 2018 will accelerate again in the middle of the journey! There also have more family rides, and many shows for tourists to watch. Enjoying life!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Blackpool Pleasure Beach Attractions
Blackpool Pleasure Beach Map

Address:525 Ocean Boulevard, Blackpool, Lancashire FY4 1EZ

Flambards Experience

Flambards Theme Park is located at the south of the town of Helston in Cornwall. Flambards Experience contains theme programs for all ages. Thrilling adventure jungle roller coaster, rotating flying chair, high-altitude fall, etc.; small racing car, carousel, roller coaster, etc. suitable for family; pirate ship, teacup, etc. suitable for children.

The new Jurassic area launched in 2016, you can see dinosaurs and bones of real size; Another major feature of the park is that there have many indoor exhibitions, such as Britian in the Blitz that restored life scenes during the London War, Victorian Village in Victorian period, and the old days, British plane motorcycle model.

Flambards Experience
Flambards Experience Attractions
Flambards Experience Map

Address: Flambards, Clodgey Lane, Helston, Cornwall,TR13 0QA

Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land is located in North Yorkshire and contains theme parks, zoos and leisure villages. The theme park in Flamingo Land has rides suitable for all ages, a variety of exciting roller coasters, high-altitude flying chairs, and of course there are less exciting jungle roller coasters for families, like rotating planes, cabins, etc., there are also 4D movie theaters and acrobatics magic show.

After playing the exciting roller coaster, you can go to the zoo to relax. Tigers from the Asian rain forest, giraffes from the Sahara, and cute penguins are all there waiting for you. Even you can touch some of these animals. If you feel that you can’t finish in a day, you can go to Holiday Village near the park to book a hotel. There are hotels, gyms and golf facilities in the leisure village.

Flamingo Land
Flamingo Land Attractions
Flamingo Land Map

Address:Kirby Misperton, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 6UX

Oakwood Theme Park

The theme park opened in Wales in the 1980s. It started as a small family park with only some karts, water slides and small fortresses, but it has now been developed to include large thrill rides.

There are three areas: the Adrenaline Adventure area includes a crazy roller coaster that is thrown more than 2,000 feet and “spin and jump” at a speed of 95 kilometers per hour, a floor jump machine, and waterfall advancement; Neverland has a little boy who never grows up, Peter Pan , There are rotating aircraft, water coaster, indoor slide bubble ball, etc.; Adventure is suitable for families to play together.

Oakwood Theme Park
Oakwood Theme Park Attractions
Oakwood Theme Park Map

Address:Canaston Bridge, Narberth, Pembrokeshire,  SA67 8DE

Blackgang Chine

The oldest theme park (Started from 1843) in the UK is located on the Isle of Wight. There are dinosaur theme parks, Nurseryland, underwater kingdom, etc., suitable for parent-child travel. However, because it is located on the Isle of Wight, it is best to spend a few hours in this theme park when you visit Isle Wight.

Blackgang Chine Park
Blackgang Chine Park Attractions
Blackgang Chine Park Map

Address: Blackgang Chine, Nr. Ventnor, Isle of Wight, PO38 2HN
Website: www.blackgangchine.com

By the way, all the theme parks will have annual pass. However, if you like theme parks, Merlin pass is a good option. It will allow you to visit four theme parks in this article, and some other attractions all around the UK for free.

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OK, hope you enjoy this and find your favorite theme park!