How to Import KML file to Google Map

From my dearsnail website you may have download “kml” file for google map, so i wanna show you how to use the “kml” file in Google Map, or you can just simple double click it to open in Google Earth.

Google map is useful, also you can use it to plan your trip or show your route.

Notice: If you use iPhone, you can’t edit map with Google Map App, you have to import the map on your laptop/PC, then the map will synchronize to your iPhone.

Make sure you have login in Google account

With your google account and downloaded kml file, eg. from The 11 Most Popular Theme Park In the UK.

Click the 3 lines and then find “Your places” and click it.

Create A Map

You will see “Maps”, click it, then click the “Create Map” at the bottom.

Click “Import” to import the map, also you can change the name of the map here.

Then a window shown up, you can drag or upload the kml file here

After a few seconds, the map is loaded, then you can use it to schedule your trip or open it in google map app. Enjoy!

Navigation with Google Map

Now open Google Map on you iPhone, make sure you access with the same google account. Then click “Saved” at the bottom. If your screen is not wide enough, you can’t see “Maps”. Follow the red arrow, it’s hidden behind. Move the menu, you will see “Maps” option.

Click “Maps”, now you can see all your maps. Select the one you are going to use, click it, you will see the locations (and route if it has).