Science! Encyclopedia of British wild deer!

Do you know? There are more than 1.5 million wild deer in Britain.
Do you know how many deer species  in the UK?  The answer is 7.
Now, I shall show you all of them. Hope this will satisfy your curiosity.

Red deer

The largest deer in the UK!
Red Deer

The largest deer species in the UK and also the largest terrestrial animal in the UK . Named by their beautiful reddish-brown summer coats. They are native to the UK and like to live in open woodlands. Now Red deer are all over the UK. They are very large (really big size!). Easy to recognize with their buff rump and short tails. They may In droves rather than sole.

Height : 110-150cm (From shoulder)


Santa's friend

Very famous, see, Santa got sleigh pulled by reindeer! Reindeer can live in cold areas. They are relatively chunky, and tend to lower it’s head. Both male and female reindeer grow antlers. But you can hardly see them because they only roam somewhere in Scotland.

Height : 100-140cm (From shoulder)

Sika deer

Originated from Japan
Sika Deer

First introduced to the UK from Japan in 1860,northwestern Scotland, now can be found all over the UK. Their looks similar to red deer, but slightly smaller, with dark stripes on the back side, which will turn dark brown in winter. Compared to red deer’s buff rump, their heart-shaped rump patch is bright white. In autumn and winter they may group by 6-7, but they are alone for most of the year.

Height : 70-120cm (From shoulder)

Fallow deer

Also known as american sika deer.
Fallow deer

Known as american sika deer, often seen in parklands. Someone said that fallow deer originally from escapees from park. They have cute “palmate” (flat) antlers, common color of the coat is tan with white spots, but the spots may disappear in winter.The common feature of the American sika deer is long tail and the light-colored rump patch with black edges.

Height : 70-100cm (From shoulder)

Roe deer

Roe deer
Roe Deer

This smaller deer, also known as the Western roe deer, is also native to the woodlands and gardens in the UK. Due to over-hunting, the species was on the verge of extinction in the 1700s. Roe deer usually appears alone, has a brown color, with a small rump patch, and the tail is not obvious. If you frighten them, they may make a barking sound like a dog.

Height: 65-75cm (From shoulder)

Chinese water deer

Chinese water deer grow tusks
Chinese Water Deer

This is a strange looking deer species. The male did not grow into antlers, but grew tusks that protruded from his mouth. Appeared in the UK 150 years ago. As the name suggests, they like swamps and wetlands. Usually seen alone or in the form of small families. The distinctive features of the Chinese sambar are the lack of antlers, flexible large ears, and the absence of rump patch.

Height : 50-60cm (From shoulder)

Muntjac deer

Muntjac is the smallest
Muntjac deer

Finally, the the smallest deer. Appeared in the UK around 1900, now in most areas of England. You may think that you see a puppy or a large rabbit because of their small size. Males grow small antlers, and both male and female grow tusks. Their tiny stature and hunched posture make Muntjac easy to distinguish.

Height: 45-55cm (From shoulder)