10 City Farms in London

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Today let’s talk about city farms.
An city farm, as the name suggests, is a farm located in the city. Here are 10 city farms in London, most of them are free. Kids visiting the farm can not only get in touch with different kinds of animals, but also learn about all kinds of crops, participate in many activities, watch performances, etc. Good place for family trips on weekend.

10 City Farms in London
10 City Farms in London

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Mudchute Park and Farm – large area, animals, riding school, workshop & courses, many events
Hackney City Farm – animals, garden, honey, special workshops
Deen City Farm – riding school, animal boarding, filming, animals sponsor
Hounslow Urban Farm – animals (inc lizards, snakes, spiders), adopting pets
Vauxhall City Farm – animals, riding school, Italian cafe, filming
Spitalfields City Farm – animals, garden, events
Surrey Docks Farm – river view, kids clubs
Kentish Town City Farm – garden, pond, pony ride
Stepney City Farm – art and crafts (and courses), farmer’s market every Saturday
Newham City Farm – oldest city farm in London, rare breeds, exotic birds

Mudchute Park and Farm

Address: Pier Street, Isle of Dogs, London E14 3HP
Website: http://www.mudchute.org/

Set in 32 acres of countryside in the heart of East London, located in the middle of the Isle of Dogs. The Mudchute is a community charity, with a working farm, stables, a children’s nursery and a wide range of education activities.  The farm own more than 100 animals, including some rare British species. The little squirrels here are closer to humans, and they will take the initiative to come and ask you for food. The farm also provides some interesting courses, including riding horse, how to raise chickens, how to train dogs and so on. Many events here, including Easter Parade, Christmas Fare, Spooky Halloween, workshops, car boot sale etc. 

Hackney City Farm

Address: 1 Goldsmiths Row, London E2 8QA
Website: http://hackneycityfarm.co.uk/

Hackney City Farm was built in 1984, for over 20 years, Hackney City Farm has been giving the local community the opportunity to experience farming right in the heart of the city. In the farm, children can contact with different farm animals, including goats, sheep, chickens, donkeys, rabbits and guinea pigs etc.
There are fresh eggs, duck eggs and honey every day, and the garden is also beautiful. They offer specific workshops, such as Growing Food, Habitats – Mini-beasts and Chicken and Egg, etc.
Note: During Covid-19, as required by the government, the farm was partially closed, and temporarily no access to the animals. The course was also cancelled, and only the Cafe and farm shop were open.

Deen City Farm

Address: 39 Windsor Avenue, Merton Abbey, London SW19 2RR
Website: http://www.deencityfarm.co.uk/

Deen City Farm is an urban farm with an educational focus in the heart of the London Borough of Merton.   They are registered charity, and rely upon donations from visitors and the local community.  They house around 120-150 animals on 5 acre site.   Besides, they have a riding school,  cafes, animal boarding, etc. There are also mobile farms and offer animals for filming work. BTW, If you want, you can become an animal sponsor if you really like it, the package vary in price from £20-30 for a year.

Hounslow Urban Farm

Address: Faggs Road, Middlesex, London TW14 0LZ
Website: http://hounslowurbanfarm.co.uk/

The Hounslow City Farm covers more than 29 acres and keeping owls, lamas, guinea pigs, pigs, goats, cows, rabbits, ducks, geese, etc., as well as snakes, lizards and spiders. Further more, many abandoned animals are adopted here. If you like to keep pets, you could consider adopting them!

Vauxhall City Farm

Address:165 Tyers St, Lambeth, London SE11 5HS
Website: http://vauxhallcityfarm.org/

Vauxhall City Farm is one of the oldest and most central city farms in London being located within earshot of Big Ben and in the shadow of MI6. They have duck ponds, shops, vegetable and fruit growing, an riding school and an Italian cafe. Besides, there are more than 100 animals living in the farm. Some of them often appear in movies, including three lamas, named Tom, Ben and Jerry, participated in the movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”

Spitalfields City Farm

Address: Buxton Street, London E1 5AR
Website: http://www.spitalfieldscityfarm.org/

Located in the center of the city, it started from 1978. In 1987, lack of revenue funding almost caused the farm to close. It was spared with the support of charitable trusts and public funding bodies. The farm was originally set up by volunteers in 1978 and still rely on volunteers today. You can get involved as a volunteer too.
The animals on the farm are very character, the most famous is a parrot named Mr. Kelly who has a bad temper. There are many activities and events on the farm every year, please visit the official website to find it out! 

Surrey Docks Farm

Address:Surrey Docks Farm, Rotherhithe Street, London SE16 5ET
Website: http://www.surreydocksfarm.org.uk/

Located near Canary Wharf, across the river Thames, about 2.2 acres, with the charming view. The farm shop sells a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits, and there are many clubs for children to learn planting and taking care of animals.

Kentish Town City Farm

Address:Kentish Town City Farm, 1 Cressfield Close, off Grafton Road, London NW5 4BN
Website: http://ktcityfarm.org.uk/

The Kent Town Urban Farm was built around the Gospel Oak London Overground Railway Station in the early 1970s. It is a relatively old London Urban Farm. Kentish Town City Farm is a community charity that helps city people connect with animals, nature and the environment.
The farm is situated on a four-acre site, alongside two railway lines in the inner London Borough of Camden. We have sheep, goats, ducks, chickens, geese, three horses, two donkeys, two pigs and a cow. There are animal pasture areas, community gardens, a wildlife pond, and a riding arena,kids over four years old can experience pony riding!

Stepney City Farm

Address: Stepney Way, London E1 3DG
Website: http://stepneycityfarm.org/

Stepney City Farm is a three acre working farm; a rural oasis, in the heart of Tower Hamlets. We give children and adults a chance to meet farm animals, learn how to grow food and try out arts and crafts. Every Saturday, the Farm hosts a popular Farmer’s Market.  There is an art center on the farm. The classes including landscape painting, pottery, woodworking, knitting, planting etc.

Newham City Farm

Address: Newham City Farm, Stansfeld Road, London E6 5LT
Website: https://www.facebook.com/NewhamCityFarm/

One of London’s longest established city farms, providing the local community with free access to animals in a countryside oasis which offers a unique learning experience. It is suitable for all ages but especially children, who love meeting the rare breeds, exotic birds and learning about all kinds of farm animal.

Notice: Due to Covid-19, to avoid disappointment, Pls visit farm’s website before planning your trip.